Saturday, 17 June 2017



               The day is over and the night is here, with her velvety blanket, coaxing me to rest my tired   being; but,the blanket lacks the warmth, Ma, the warmth of your embrace.

               As I lie down, the pillow cradles my head in its softness; but, I miss the softness that I felt in your lap, the softness that took the strain off my mind, and nudged my eyelids to rest for the day.

              As bedtime nears, I pine for  those nights of my childhood, when you lay by my side, patting my forehead, as you tucked me in bed; humming those soothing lullabies, or, taking me far away, to the distant lands of the kings and the queens -- a fantasy world, I could lose myself in.

              Ma, the world seems dark, and life, so cruel; there is a hollowness in my heart, and fear in my soul -- it does get lonely, you know, without you.

             If growing up meant being torn away from you, I would have asked for a lifetime of childhood, just so that I could spend it with you; its bedtime,Ma, and  sleep evades me, the tears just won't let me be!
[Lillie McFerrin Writes] Five Sentence Fiction - Bedtime


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