Saturday, 17 June 2017

Essentials for life.

               I fidgeted with  my pen as I went through the list of essentials in front of me.  


   ..."What else do I need?" I wondered aloud, as I looked at my husband for a reply. 

        "Do you need some cheese, or your favourite cookies?" I asked. "Hmm," he replied absentmindedly, without taking his eyes off  his phone -- his favourite toy.  I sighed, as I cursed the damn instrument. Wish I could toss it into the ocean. But, being in a good mood since the evening, I decided to play a prank.
   "Umm, how about coffee? Do you need it?" I asked, and received the very same reply, "Hmm," 
   "And,  some make-up? Do you need that, too?" I asked impishly.
   Hubby looked up, irritation writ large on his face. "Can't you see, I am busy?" he snapped.

           I sighed again. My good mood bid me adieu and flew out of the window.  The list of essentials suddenly seemed insignificant. These were the things I needed in my kitchen, but were they really 'essential'? I mused.  Since a long time now, conversation between the two of us had taken a back seat. At times,  this silence seemed deafening.  I reminisced about the earlier years, when we were busy, no doubt, but 'talk time' was of utmost importance to us.  Half an hour, at the end of the day, was fixed for talking. Plain and simple talking, letting out our emotions freely; speaking our mind on matters that, well, mattered! 
         How long had it been since we had just sat and chatted to our hearts' content? When was the last time when we had talked late into the night?  I remembered the good old days, when we  discussed our days, spoke fondly of our pasts, dreamt about our future, laughed at some inane jokes and ribbed each other mercilessly, giggling like kids. 
         I smiled as I returned from the flashback of the past 23 years,  and  looked up to see hubby, who still sat in the same place, mesmerised with the damned gadget.  My eyes returned to the list, which had lost  it's meaning. I crossed out the entire list and turned the paper over. I needed to make another list of essentials - things that were much needed in my life, in our life.

Switch off every gadget for an hour before bedtime.
Talk some more.
Share your thoughts.
Share a few laughs.
And, a few tears.
Hold that hand, look into those eyes.

Life is one uncertain dame, who doesn't think twice before changing directions. So, just grab every spare minute you have and spend it with your loved one. It's these shared moments that will warm the heart when nothing else remains. 

     I signed the list, and left it on the table, before heading off to bed. 


              The cool breeze soothed our tired nerves as we walked hand in hand under the starlit sky. It was our eighth night out, in a row! 
            My list had fulfilled it's job. 


This post has been written for Wordy Wednesday.
This week's prompt: Word prompt - Essentials.

This week's prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger: Roshan Radhakrishnan.

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