Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Five sentence fiction - The change.

               The new bride sat by the window, gazing at the horizon, lost in her  thoughts; that spot, and her thoughts - she often took refuge there,   from reality, from her  new life, from the daily sniggering and  the bickering.

              Life had changed so much after marriage; gone were the days of her freedom, the days of living life with total abandon;  gone were her days.

             The life that once upon a time had belonged to her, now belonged to the man she had married, to  his family,and  to the life she had accepted as her own, or, had she?

               The womenfolk would murmur amongst themselves,"She scarcely mingles with us, hardly helps in doing the chores; does she at least interact with him?"

             They viewed her reticence as pride: pride, for being born into a rich family, pride, for being the fairest of them all, and pride, for being married to the only man left in their tiny hamlet, who hadn't been a victim of the black magic that had turned the rest of them into women.

[Lillie McFerrin Writes] Five Sentence Fiction - Changes

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