Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Five sentence fiction - Missing you.

   Your voice, like rich, molten dark chocolate, left me gasping the first time I heard it; just talking to you brought about a spring in my step, a song in my heart!
   Had we really just met or had we met before, in some other time, some other world, past life, perhaps?
  Our hearts connected - instantly - so did our souls,  and you made for yourself a permanent place in my heart; you were my dearest friend, my love!
   And then, like all good things coming to an end, we did, too; 'we' ceased to exist, for reasons yet unknown.
  Now, all I have are the memories of those joyful moments when we talked into the  nights, and we laughed, and squabbled; I so miss those moments, I so miss you - each day begins with the same question: should I hold on or should I let go?

This post is a part of [Lillie McFerrin Writes] Five Sentence Fiction - Conflict

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