Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Of Ice and Men. ( Day 3 at the BarAThon).

"Mmm...just look at that guy, Riya! Isn't he terribly good-looking? Sania sighed as she gestured towards the man sitting at the table across. "In fact, he looks positively yummy!" she purred.

"Shush! Sania! Are you nuts? He can hear you! And, he doesn't appear to be the friendly sort, at all. He is not "positively yummy", but positively icy! Look for someone else, and leave the Ice Man alone! Riya admonished her childhood friend as she threw a glance at the man, furtively. 

"Naah! I prefer Ice Men, Ri. Cold, distant with an icy look in their eyes that could freeze a waterfall! The challenge lies in melting the Ice Man's heart, teaching him what love is all about!" Sania continued,  eyeing her object of admiration.

 "Yikes! Sani, how much more gross could you get!? "Melting his heart and teaching him about love?" Just cut the crap, will you, and concentrate on your book, for heaven's sake! We have a test in half an hour, now. And, they are not going to question us on ways and means of cutting through the icy exterior of Adonis' heart. Gawd!" groaned Riya on hearing the idiotic words her friend mouthed.

"You read the book, Genius, and let me concentrate on my Ice Man, here.  All you think about is books and studies. Did you even notice I winked at him just now? There was a  flicker of a smile on his lips, ya know? It really isn't that difficult to thaw an iceberg, babe.  Ask this expert!" Sania uttered with pride as she stood up to make a daring move.


Today's prompt for BarAThon: 'Of Ice and Men', and the corresponding sin Pride. 

The above conversation is just something I came up with while wondering what I could write for today's prompt. I am sure this is also the conversation that goes on among the youngsters of today, who know how to get what they want! Makes me happy that I belonged to the older generation, though..😏

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