Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The fault in our stares. ( Day 1 at the BarAThon).

 Sweat drips from her forehead as she pushes her way towards the exit.  She has numbed her senses to the stifling heat and the maddening crowd of the public transport bus that ferries her from her place of work to her home.

 "Just a few more minutes and we will be home," she reassures herself as she wipes her brow in exhaustion. Just then, a push and a nudge from someone behind her and she finds her wayward dupatta sliding off her shoulders.

 Grasping it hurriedly, she curses the rush hour, the crowd and everyone else who jostles against her in the vehicle.

"Damn this crowd" she mutters under her breath as she hurriedly places the piece of garment back where it belongs, covering her modesty from the scrutinising eyes of her co-passengers.

The paan stained grins grow wider, as does the lecherous gaze in the foxy pairs of eyes that follow every movement of the hassled woman.
"Tch tch, don't you all have sisters and mothers at home, you scoundrels? Look away!" a male voice jeers as the rest of them snigger, wickedly. "What a show!" they whoop and hoot as she mutely looks away, embarrassed.

"If a salwar kameez can't protect me from those stares, I wonder what can! Should I start wearing a burqa? Or, better still, stay at home, perhaps?" she ponders, ruefully.


I am participating in Barathon, edition 2 beginning today.

As I have dabbled in fiction earlier, I decided to use the genre for this blogging challenge. Flash fiction, or for that matter, fiction, is not my cup of tea, seriously. Yet, there's this itch to attempt writing fiction despite my sane mind forbidding me from doing so! Ergo, these seven flash fiction posts, starting from today. 

This time, the theme for the challenge is the number 7. So, as suggested, I am using the 7 deadly sins: envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth and wrath.

The writing prompt for each day is a play on famous book titles:

The fault in our stares.

Life of Pie.

Of ice and men.

War and pieces.

Lord of the files.

Suns and lovers.

The call of the wind.

  Today's prompt: The fault in our stares, and the sin associated with this prompt - lust.

Frankly, I have no idea how I am going to manage writing these posts. So, help me God! 😜

Do visit me every alternate day of this last week of June and let me know how I faired! Also, do visit the other links. You are sure to get entertained by all the beautiful writing on display!



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