Friday, 16 June 2017

The rainbow.

              Little Kevin lay on his back as he stared at the rain that drummed on the skylight in a soft pitter-patter. The story that dad had been narrating, had long since been falling on deaf ears. He seemed riveted by the changing hues of the monsoon sky as it went from a dull grey to a pale blue  as the sun peeped out from behind the  dark clouds causing a faint rainbow to appear.
         "Dada, didn't you once tell me about that little boy, who climbed the rainbow and went across it  to find his mother, who had gone to heaven?" the question slipped out of his innocent lips, as dad stared open-mouthed.
         He turned over and lay on his tummy as his  beady eyes bore into his dad's
          "Do you think I can climb over that rainbow and go across it to bring mum back?"  the quivering voice asked.

152 words.
Word Prompt: Rainbow.

*Written for Wordy Wednesday.

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