Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The spunky tots.

                 The twins resented being brushed aside at every family meeting. So what, if they were the youngest? So what, if they hadn't experienced life as much as the elders?  "We do have a god-damned brain inside our skulls!"  burst out Bella, the younger of the 7 year old twins, born a few minutes after Brian, her identical brother - her comrade-in-arms.
                  Six heads turned to the direction the tiny, quivering voice came from. Six pairs of eyes looked aghast as they narrowed in on the pretty pink face, now flushed a deep red. The pin drop silence seemed to deafen every ear.  Not a muscle moved, not a mouth mumbled. It was as if they all were waiting for the next move.

                Finally, the tiny voice spoke again,"I just meant that if Stevie, the idiot, could listen in on your plans, then, so could we! We know where you have been hiding the money."

               And, there was pin drop silence, again.    

The above post has been written for Wordy Wednesday.
This week's prompt: Picture Prompt.
This week's prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger: Aparna George.



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