Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The touch.

                 Travelling during the monsoon in Mumbai's public transport can be quite a feat - achievable only by the regulars. I know, I travelled all through my college years. It can be a  fun ride and a pain at the same time. Fun - if you are in the company of your good mood, and a pain if you are in the company of too many people pushing you,  and brushing against you by mistake, or on purpose. And, being a woman,  reading the motive behind the push or shove in a packed bus is child's play. Yes, we are born with dozens of  invisible sensory appendages on our bodies that give us signals of all sorts, significance of every touch! But, once in a while comes  a  touch that's far from annoying; a touch that can transport us into a wonderland and leave us feeling tickled and flushed to a crimson each time the memory comes alive.

               So, there I was, travelling to college early one  morning in a packed bus; packed, because another bus on our route had had a flat tyre due to which the passengers from that bus had been loaded onto our bus, leading to utter chaos. Chaos within and chaos outside - it was pouring that day, pouring as if the heavens had had an overflowing dam. With tempers  frayed and patience running on an all time low, the poor conductor was doing his best to keep the situation under control.  I had given up my seat for an elderly lady and was balancing myself on one foot, holding my bag and my umbrella with one hand and trying to hold on to a  pole with the other.  And, all this at the beginning of the day! I was wondering how the rest of the day would unfold, when the driver hit the brake to avert a collision with a truck ahead. And, all hell broke loose.

             All the passengers who had been standing in the aisle toppled over one another, screaming and yelling in pain and anger. Abuses came thick and fast and the scene was worst than a horror movie scene. I almost  joined the people on the floor of the bus. For, no sooner had the driver hit the brake than I lost my balance, my hand slipped off the pole and I was about to fall into a heap on top of the lady in front of me, when a hand encircled my waist and pulled me to my feet. My bag and my umbrella had fallen off and I now stood facing my saviour, my hands clutching his strong shoulders, holding for dear life. All the commotion had left me out of breath and I was now peering into a pair of warm, honey brown eyes -  dumbstruck!

          "Are you okay? I hope you aren't hurt!" said my knight, all considerate and caring. For  two long minutes I stood mesmerised by those eyes and the sexiest voice I had ever heard, oblivious to the pandemonium around me. I kept on staring at him open-mouthed, and finally, when he shook me out of my reverie, I came to my senses and mumbled something. What a darn fool I had made of myself! I blushed like a teenager in love and chuckled sheepishly. He quickly bent to pick up my belongings and shove them in my hands before turning around to help a gentleman to his feet.

            Ah, a real knight he was! For, the touch that I felt - his touch, when he held me in his arms - was the gentlest touch I had felt for the first time in my life! Every other day, I was so used to the perverted touch of some male-passengers,  it sent me flying off the handle!  But, this was so different. So...nice, I didn't want it to end.  All of a sudden, I felt so conscious - conscious of his presence behind me, of his warm breath on my neck, of his eyes that I was sure were looking at the back of my head. I was breathing so hard, I wanted to disappear that very moment!

           Sadly, my knight had to alight the bus at the next stop. But, before he moved towards the exit, he whispered, "You take care!" into my ear and was lost in the crowd. It sent a wave of tickles all through my entire being! My eyes searched for  him, but the heavy rain and the crowd outside - all of it blocked my view. All the way to my college, I replayed the entire scene, and that too in slow-motion, just like in our hindi movies, and blushed  like an idiot. I was so lost in my thoughts, I missed my stop! Lord, what an imbecile I was!

         The rest of the day passed by, well, I really have no memory of how my day passed by. My brain had been busy wool-gathering. Silly me! But, it still leaves me  breathless just thinking of that rainy day, of my knight in shining armour. It's one incident that has embedded itself snugly in my mind and my heart; an incident I vividly remember  to this day. It was a touch which I might never ever feel again in my life, but it will sure make me all giddy  however much I age. Well, that's the magic of the right touch, isn't it?

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

*The above post is a figment of my overactive imagination, although, I wish it were otherwise! :)

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