Monday, 10 July 2017

Hunger games.

                The banana leaf with the heaped rice had failed to interest the crows for whom it had been placed there; belief said that it was food for  the dear, departed souls that now resided within the birds.

                The sun had reached the horizon, but, the food still remained untouched.

                The two pairs of sunken eyes that had fixed their gaze on the now-drying grains of rice had turned red and tired, even as ants and flies now threatened to raid their meal.

               Their innocent minds debated with their rumbling bellies whether to make a move or stay put, lest they get beaten up for stealing food meant for the angels.

              Did angels really need all that food? wondered the little minds as they crept forward, throwing caution to the wind.

             Hunger had won this game...again. 


*NOTE: According to Hindu belief, food is offered to the departed souls on their death or their death anniversary. They  visit in the form of the crow. If the crow eats the food it is believed that they do not have any unfulfilled wishes. Thus is the custom of placing food on banana leaves in open near the house.

[Lillie McFerrin Writes] Five Sentence Fiction - Hunger

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