Monday, 10 July 2017

Little Tara.

This week's word : DAZZLES.

        It was a bright, sunny day and little Tara's cheerful  disposition seemed to fill up the room with happiness....the spirited little girl had wowed one and all with her spunk and her determination.

        Tara's eyes lit up at the sight of her favourite  crayons and the drawing sheets....finally her dream would be coming true! she chirped as she inched towards her desk.

      With great concentration and a will power to match, Tara took the brightest of the crayons amid cheers of encouragement.

      In a matter of minutes, the sheet was filled with butterflies in vibrant colours, flitting among a bunch of pretty  purple coloured daisies.

     A huge round of applause by the doctors and the nurses reverberated across the room as they proudly celebrated the successful operation of little Tara....she had finally learnt to make use of her prosthetic arms as well as her prosthetic foot! Bravo!!

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