Monday, 10 July 2017

My girl.

           "When will you be back?" she asked, her fingers gripping the phone, every word dripping with nervousness. 
     Spending the night alone at home was a scary prospect for my girl and 'he' had done it again:  decided to spend his time with his buddies instead of being here, for her; that inconsiderate bloke!
     The feeble "Okay" told me he would not be home for a couple of days, or more; I could sense the trepidation in her voice, the edginess in her nerves.
     With a heavy heart, she wound up for the day, and just as she climbed into the bed the current went off enveloping her in a frightening darkness!
     "I am here for you, sweetheart," I whispered  as I climbed in next to my girl to offer her my warm body to snuggle up to; her sigh of relief told me I knew my girl as well as the back of my paw.

This post has been written for:
[Lillie McFerrin Writes] Five Sentence Fiction - Darkness

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