Monday, 10 July 2017

The End.

                          "It's the same voice, you're standing at a precipice and you look down, there's a voice, a little quiet voice that goes, "Jump". - Robin Williams.

                I lie awake in my bed listening to my breathing - it is the only sound I hear in the still of the night. The house is  quiet, save for the dripping tap in the kitchen. I had worked on it for the past few days, but now, it really didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore: the tap, the kitchen, the house, my life - nothing.  Life had passed by and what had I done except indulge its crazy tantrums? I had done my best to bring smiles on faces that mattered to me, to fill hearts with laughter where there was none. It had sapped me of my energy, but I had continued on the road I had chosen for myself. But, now there was nothing left of it. The laughter had died down and the people had left leaving me all by myself. All by myself, but for that little voice.
              It had crept in from nowhere and now had made a cosy place for itself inside my mind. I had tried to nudge it off, but in vain. Every now and then, it would urge me to do something scary, unimaginable, but I stood my ground. I was not going to let it win. Although, as time went by, I did start believing in  its argument.
             Life had moved on. The world had moved on. What business did I have crying over unfulfilled dreams? I had waited long. And it had taken its toll. Now, it was time for me to move on. To move to another world. Time to pay heed to that little voice that whispered to me, "Jump", every time I stood by the ledge.
           I get up and make my way to the balcony. Everything in life has its reasons. The fact that I live on the 10th floor, too, has a reason.

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