Thursday, 28 December 2017


Pic courtesy: Ted Strutz
                                                                   Word count: 100


Ma was eager I took up engineering. 

"You need brains for that..B R A I N S! I suggest you take up sewing. That's what girls do best, don't they?" would be dad's response. Every. Single. Time.

The two of them would argue all day over the field I should choose to make a career in.

I would just sit by the window, gazing at the butterflies chasing each other, gayly; at  the bright yellow sunflowers smiling broadly at the sun; at the clouds kissing the mountain tops as they sailed by, leisurely. 


Why couldn't they ask me what I wished to do?


Friday Fictioneers is a writing challenge where you use  a picture prompt to write a story in a 100 words.
A big Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff !


  1. Fantastic take on the prompt . This thought should be planted in the minds of each and every set of parents.

  2. That is a sad story..nobody asks us what we want...good take on the prompt.

  3. Sometimes parents forget it is not their dreams and goals but that of their children. Lovely post.

  4. Ah! This is a slice of life and is true for so many kids... shrinking under parental expectations! A great take on the prompt, Shilpa.

  5. Dear Shilpa,

    Parents should guide not dictate. If only they'd listen to their daughter to hear what her goals are for the future. Good one.



  6. That's a great take on the prompt! Sad truth! I wish all parents read this one.

  7. Parents always think they know best... I remember being blessed that I always could do my own choices (but maybe that's why I always knew what they would like me to do)

  8. I'll never understand why we try to limit our children to fit into a box. We resisted the same thing, didn't we, with our own parents? When will we ever learn!

  9. Well I, for one, am glad that she took up engineering - no matter what Dad said. She has Ma in her corner!

  10. Sounds to me like she's going to be another Emily Dickinson. But it seems many of the famous writers of old had to swim against the stream of their parents' expectations.

  11. As a parent it is a wise lesson to learn. Well written.


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