Sunday, 14 July 2019

The travails of a non-veg lover.

Arms folded, stubbornly, eyes surveying the plate, Ron grimaced at the stuff mom served.

Slimy, green female fingers, mashed toes, orange stripes of rot.

"I am NOT a CANNIBAL, mom?" he seethed, inwardly.

Word count: 33 words

*Today's post is written for 'The Weekend Writing Prompt'. 
  Today's prompt: Word Prompt: GRIMACE.

Thank you, dear Rochelle! This is my first attempt at fiction after more than a year, and I just loved it! 


  1. Hehe I would have grimaced too.

    1. My nephew, who loves non-veg food, does it every time he sees vegetables in his plate! :P

  2. It feels like a scene right from the movie Hotel Transylvania. This is also a scene from my home but with different stuff in the plate. I am going to make D read this and see what he has to say :)

    1. Anu, this is also a scene from my home when my nephew sits down to have his meals! ;)


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